Purpose of Photography

Photography can have multiple different purposes, the made aim of a picture is to capture a moment in time, but what you shoot will affect the purpose of the image.


If you take an image for a new story that image main aim is to inform people about the story, other images that fall under the information section include images that might be found in a magazine, scientific publications.

Related image

Pinterest. (2019). apollo 11 1969 newspaper articles – Google Search | NASA | Apollo 11, Apollo 11 moon landing, Moon landing. [online] Available at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/155796468334694359/ [Accessed 28 Feb. 2019].


This is a news article of the Apollo 11 moon landing from 1969, in this article, there is an image showing Neil Armstrong leaving the lunar module, taking his first step on the Moon. The purpose of including this image is to inform people about the moon landing, joined with the information included in the article it will give the viewer all the information they need.


Slanted Information

Another purpose of photography is for advertising slanted information, this can include propaganda and also for commercial use. The aim behind this kind of photography is to make things look more desirable and better than they actually are.

Image result for mcdonalds photos

Eat This Not That. (2019). The 30 Strangest Facts About McDonalds. [online] Available at: https://www.eatthis.com/mcdonalds-news/ [Accessed 28 Feb. 2019].

Image result for mcdonalds photos reality

Dement, D. (2019). McDonald’s Advertised Products VS. Reality (Video) –. [online] Available at: http://thehigherlearning.com/2014/02/17/mcdonalds-advertised-products-vs-reality-video/ [Accessed 28 Feb. 2019].

I good example of slanted information is the photos that McDonald’s advertise their food. If you have ever been to McDonalds or any other fast food restaurant, you will know that your food will not look the same as the photo that advertises the food. This is a business tactic because they want to make to food look better and more desirable than how it actually looks in reality. Looking at the first image you can see that this one look so much better and desirable, but the image below shows the reality of the product. If they where to put that picture of the bottom burger as their advertisement, they wouldn’t get as many sales.

Image result for propaganda holocaust poster

Nazi propaganda poster of Adolf Hitler standing before a saluting crowd. The caption reads, w. (2019). Nazi propaganda poster of Adolf Hitler standing before a saluting crowd. The caption reads, “Yes, Fuehrer, we are following you!” – Collections Search – United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. [online] Collections.ushmm.org. Available at: https://collections.ushmm.org/search/catalog/pa1112192 [Accessed 28 Feb. 2019].

Another good example of slanted information Is this propaganda poster supporting Nazi Germany. On this poster, there is a big image of Adolf Hilter and behind him, there are lots of people who look like they are supporting him. The text on this poster says ‘ Yes! Leader we are following you!’.



Another purpose of photography is discovery.  This purpose of photography is to show discoveries that have been made, this can include images for scientific purposes. The purpose of this is to ‘open new fields of exploration, to widen man’s visual and intellectual horizon, and to enrich his life’.Image result for black holeFrance-Presse, A. (2019). Black Hole Mystery Dating Back 40 Years Solved By “Best Ever” Simulation. [online] NDTV.com. Available at: https://www.ndtv.com/science/black-hole-mystery-dating-back-40-years-solved-by-best-ever-simulation-2048714 [Accessed 28 Feb. 2019].

A good example of this is the image the black hole, the thing that makes this image so special is that it is the first ever photo taken of a black hole. This image isn’t a visually good picture, it’s just a blurry orange ring, the thing that makes the image so special is what is represents. This image has opened new fields of exploration.



Another purpose of photography is to record stuff, this is a really easy and effective method of keeping a record of stuff, from books to works of art. This also gives the option to mass produce information with the photos instead of the actual original form the information is in.

Image result for vitruvian man original

En.wikipedia.org. (2019). Vitruvian Man. [online] Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitruvian_Man [Accessed 28 Feb. 2019].

A good example of this use of photography is the photo of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci. This was a drawing done by him in 1490, that’s about 530 years ago. If anything might happen to this piece of work, we still have records of it because we have photos of it.



Entertainment is also a purpose of photography, there are different kinds of photography that might bring entertainment to people. I example of this could be images taken of fine picture or images of traveling.

Image result for fine art photographyTerpolilli, R. (2019). FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS – Richard Terpolilli – Fine Art Photography. [online] Richard Terpolilli – Fine Art Photography. Available at: http://www.richterpolilli.com/fine-art-photography-beginners/ [Accessed 28 Feb. 2019].

This is a good example of an entertaining image, this image is nice to look at. It brings entertainment to the people who view this photo. The aspect of this image that makes it nice to look at is the contrast that is used and the silhouette of the bridge.



Another purpose of photography is self-expression, these images are produced from people who have different visions and like to do stuff differently from the norm. Photography is a good way of expressing there talent and art they possess.

Image result for self expression photography

Capturemag.com.au. (2019). Look at me: the art of self-expression – Capture magazine. [online] Available at: https://www.capturemag.com.au/advice/look-at-me-the-art-of-self-expression [Accessed 28 Feb. 2019].

This image above is a good example of people expressing them selfs with photography. This photo is very unique, and different from any other portrait that I have seen. That is one of the main reason that makes this image good because it is different, her neck and half of her face is covered in black paint.


Looking back on all of these different purposes of photography, I think that the photography that I am doing will come under Entertainment and Self-expression. I think that my work comes under Entertainment because I think the image that I take will be nice to look at and will entertain the viewer. I also think that my photos will come under Self-expression, this is because I will be trying to develop my own style by getting inspiration from other photographers.


Purbaya, R., Purbaya, R. and profile, V. (2019). The purpose of Photography. [online] Onelightproject.blogspot.com. Available at: http://onelightproject.blogspot.com/2010/02/purpose-of-photography.html?m=1 [Accessed 28 Feb. 2019].





















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